Last year we took a trip to California from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and back on Amtrak. I wrote a few blogs about it, but left off the last stretch of the trip that was not quite what we expected from Amtrak. I ended up writing a letter to Amtrak with our concerns and received their answer in the form of a voucher to be used within a year.

Well, the year expires next week and we decided we’d better do something fast! The voucher just about completed the round trip fare for the two of us to NYC, so we decided on that for the day . . .  and the day was August 2, Saturday . . .  the hottest possible day we could choose!. But it was worth it!

The first thing I took a picture of was a wonderful old cemetery (of course) right across from the World Trade Center site. It looks cool and serene, but really wasn’t. It was HOT!


With graves as old as Rachel Colvin’s, (1784) and even older, it’s remarkable how good their condition is.

St. Paul’s was only 14 years old when Rachel Colvin was buried, according to the sign on their fence. (I would have taken a picture of the building, but it was all under scaffolding when we were there, and the beauty of the structure cold not be seen.
St. Pauls

Leaving St. Paul’s and heading down the street, we found a cool little park, with food trucks on one side, benches under trees, entertainment in one corner and a neat New York Experience. We opted for the Chicken Tamales for lunch. Best we’ve ever had, masa, chicken cooked with red chiles. Period! Spicy and wonderful.

Trivia for the day. Why Wall Street is named, well, Wall Street!

Wall Street

Could the little redhead get her skirt any shorter?? . . . and, yes it was a skirt!

SkirtThis really, really neat, mirrored sculpture just called out PHOTO OPT! MirrorA   Who needs a Selfie Stick when you have a Mirror???

Mirror2As we walked around the back of it, we saw two of the sweetest, most gorgeous young ladies we’ve ever seen posing and taking pictures of each other.  So we volunteered to take pictures of them together, which they excitedly accepted! We got some beautiful pictures of them for their memories.

About that time, another couple came up and asked me if I’d take their picture for them, and of course, I agreed. I took their picture and started to walk off, when the thought occured to me, why had I not asked somebody to take our picture??? Duh! so I asked one of the girls and she took several for us. This one is our favorite! Red face and all . . . .(somebody should have worn the hat she brought along for the day!!)
Mirror3   The street was alive with activity, as there was a Street Faire going on ~ not just one block closed, but at least 3 full blocks closed. You could buy, food, fruit, clothing, Cell Phone accessories, art, you name, you could buy it. This was an important event. They wouldn’t even let a cement mixer with his load of cement down, until they closed for the day. We talked to him when we came out of Starbucks, and Jim commented that he was leaning in the same position when we had walked down to the Pier. He told us they would tell him when he could deliver his load and he’d been there since 8AM! This was about 1PM.
Street Fair
At the last corner of the Street Faire, as we started to walk up Fulton Street, these neat little tables were occupied by couples, by families and by friends. What a neat concept.
Chairs . . . and this art was on the wall behind them.

As we walked up the street, I noticed this and of course, had to stop to read it. What jumped out at me is the fact that had it not been for this spot, Jim and I would probably have never met, since we met at work . . . Southern California Edison Company. We had to pay homage to this spot.
TAEdison Now when I spied this Lexus, I wondered why on earth would somebody do this to a Lexus? Is it in some kind of destruction derby? Is it his way of getting into his garage? Why? This thing is securely bolted to the under carrriage of his car, too!
LexusA . . . and then I walked further and saw he had the same thing bolted on the back as well! Why not on the sides?? Is this guy paranoid? Why put out the money for a Lexus and then bolt stuff onto it? Why even drive it in the city if you’re that paranoid??
By that time we’d reached the Subway and headed back to Penn Station.
Question: How many people can you fit into a subway car?
Answer: At least two more.
I thought I was suffocating with one guy yelling in my ear to his friends who were shoved into me. We almost missed our stop and had to push and yell to get off and then we irritated people who were trying to shove their way on ~ with a double baby stroller no less! Ah! New York City! Got to love it. I’d go every time I got a chance, if I could!

Amtrak boarded us 20 minutes early due to Jim’s infirmity and we had the whole train to ourselves. The Red Cap seated us, Praise God, in the Quiet Car, right in the front where Jim had leg room.


. . . and so ended the perfect New York Experience. Absolutely exhausting, but ready to go again. I’d like to start planning for the next one.

Yesterday could have been one of the worst days of our life, if we put all of our energy into anger. Instead, we’re going to let the Company that decimated our backyard handle the situation. A yard that once looked like this:Yard

Now looks like this!

P1090205Our stately, old Walnut tree was in the throes of death. Branches were decaying and falling and we could foresee ourselves having to buy our neighbors home when one of the larger limbs fell thru it. It was time to bid it adieu. We called several Tree Services, listened to the spiel of what they would do and how much it would cost us, and finally decided to go with a service we had used twice in the past. They lined out what they would do, and we told them our stipulations:

  • Our large, full Butterfly Bush was to remain.
  • Neither of our Neighbors yards were to be touched.
  • The Stump was to be as low as possible

Everything else was what we considered common sense, and shouldn’t have to be itemized to the semi-intelligent crew . . . or so it seemed!

When the crew arrived I went out to greet them and went over what we wanted with one of the crew members. He asked if they could remove the arbor since they had a piece of equipment to get in our back yard. I specifically said, NO. It was a heavy, Amish Built item and had been installed securely and I’d rather not have to go through that again! I’ll comment on that later in this post.

I took the man over to the end of the hedge and showed him ONE section of the hedge that could be removed, and the tall bushes separating our neighbor’s yard from ours that could be cut back. He said that would work. I also reiterated my above three concerns.


The arrow in the picture above is the stump from the only part of the hedge I authorized. You can see the stumps from the other two between the authorized one and end of the hedge. I guess he thought it was a suggestion. The bush I said they could trim is on the right ~ they could have had a nice spot to go through there. We had already measured by the time the crew showed up.




















The only part of our conversation he retained was the part about the Arbor not being removed, and they broke that instead. It is scratched up and now sways back and forth, with the top part electrical taped on to the bottom part. There are gouges and marks on the paint, and the security of the base has been compromised. The Honeysuckle vine looks like . . . well, you can imagine! and the base is broken causing the whole thing to sway back and forth!


Oh to have the yard we had in 2014. Before the tree took a turn for the worse and when I had a thriving, beautiful Butterfly Bush! Imagine that Bush with a year more of growth! It was beautiful! It’s that bush with the purple flowers right in front of the tree!

Can you find it today?? Neither can I!

The Boom was up in the air, a man sawing the limb, getting it into a sling and then dropping the log to the ground. The sling would sway back and forth with the piece of the limb in it until they dropped it . . . right on the Butterfly Bush, as I watched from my Library window . . . weeping silently for it’s demise.




The tree is gone; the Butterfly Bush is gone and more of my hedge than I wanted gone is missing, but life goes on.

This all happened on Wednesday and we made known our displeasure with the job. The owner of the company sent his right hand man out to check on it on Thursday. He could not believe the mess we had and said he’d make sure the man in charge would be in touch with us!  . . . and he was. He was more than displeased with his crew and promised to make everything right.

Our neighbor behind us pulled up as we were talking in the alley and he went up and introduced himself to our neighbor and said he’d make everything right for him as well ~ and he’ll even cut one of his trees! He wanted to start tomorrow, but Steve our neighbor is Jewish and it’s their Sabbath, and besides, Jim and I are heading to NYC for the day.

. . . First things first, you know.



This was taken in the front yard of our house in Paauhau. My mother always combined my birthday party with one for my sister, even though our birthdays were two months apart. I recognize the Akioka sisters and my own sister, but do not remember anybody else!

. . .and who was that girl in the coat??

I remember it was a red coat and to this day thought she must be stiffling if the rest of us were in short sleeves!


1949, Paauhau, Hawaii:

When I still looked good in a swimming suit. .

When I still looked good in a swimming suit. .

1968, Riverside, California:

Two of the cutest kids ever!!  Mine!

Two of the cutest kids ever!! Mine!

1993, Tehahapi, California:


1995, Tehachapi, California:

Hallie ~ just waiting, patiently!

Hallie ~ just waiting, patiently!

Each generation has their Christmas memories. As I reflect on the special people I have shared my memories with, I wish you all

Blessings on this most special of Eves and the creation of special memories of your own on Christmas Day, 2013.

My Map

Each one of those colors represent something different. Each state that has a color represent a state that I have at least stepped in. I’ve either lived in, visited for awhile, spent more than just a night and saw a few sights or just stepped in and kept going. The white ones ~ they’re kinda like my empty coffee cup in a busy restaurant. . . empty for a reason! Ignored, forgotten or overlooked! Something that needs attention.

  • The three GREEN states represent states I have lived in for a period of time. I started my life in Hawaii, lived most of my life in California and my life will probably end in Pennsylvania.
  • The nine BLUE states are the ones I chose to visit, sight-see and repeat those steps! I’ve either had a friend, a member of the family or left a piece of my heart in those states.
  • The AMBER states are ones I’ve visited, did a little sightseeing, spent a couple of days and then hit the road to the next destination. Alaska is the exception. It should fit into the Blue category since Jim and I spent two weeks with my sister and her husband, but the description stated you must have seen “a fair amount of” the State. We would have had to spend years there to satisfy that requirement!
  • and the RED states are those I’ve stepped in, stopped to buy gas and a snack, drove thru and took a picture or two or just satisfied the requirement of  not spending a lot of time or seen a lot of! In some cases, it hasn’t even involved slowing down on the interstate.
  • and the WHITE states are just plain out of the way! Haven’t had a chance to fill those in, hope I can, don’t know if I will kind of States.

The distractions on Facebook can be just that or they can make you slow down and think of how fortunate you are for seeing and experiencing as much as you have. It certainly has done just that for me. It has also given me ideas for future blogs. There is no reason why I can’t write at least one blog for each of those Blue States.  In most instances, I’ve visited the State several times, stayed awhile and didn’t want to leave.

It nice to have goals ~ nicer yet to meet them!

Want to make your own map? Here’s the page to start –


I encountered two different women this weekend who really impressed me, for completely different reasons. I know the name of one of them, and although the other will always remain nameless, I will always remember her smile and her act of goodwill.

We were in Philadelphia for the weekend because we were taking a special trip offered by Amtrak to view the Autumn Colors on a route not generally open to Passenger Trains. As we boared a SEPTA train Sunday morning to take us from our hotel by the Airport into the City and the Amtrak Station, Jim scraped his arm on something. He was carrying our heavy overnight bag, and had to climb up several steps with two bad knees. He scraped his arm bad enough that it broke the skin and he started bleeding thru the shirt. I had bandaids on hand, so I doctored the arm, but the shirt sleeve had to be washed.  We had a seven hour train tour ahead of us, and wearing his coat to cover the shirt was not an option and I had to do something! I talked him into taking off the shirt and wearing only his jacket (zipped up) while I washed the sleeve in the restroom sink and dried it under one of those high heat hand dryers.

There were just two hand dryers in that large restroom, and leaning against the wall and warming her hands under one of them was an elderly (or so it seemed) homeless woman. Her cart has next to her and she was dressed in several layers of mismatched clothes She would not make eye contact with me.

When I finished cleaning Jim’s shirt I took the other hand dryer to dry it, offering it to anyone who had washed their hands, but everyone (about 4 people!) shook their head no, took paper towels and left, staring at the two of us using the hand dryers in ways other than the intended. Perhaps they thought I was homeless also. Who knows?

Everybody ignored us except for one woman. She smiled at me and then did something I shall never forget. She reached into her large, rather expensive looking leather bag and pulled out a pair of socks, leaned over and offered them to the homeless woman. One small little gesture. One small gestures that affected two people – the woman who will have clean warm socks, and me.

I say I care, and I do, but I have never given on a one to one basis like this woman did. I give to organizations who give to people. I get a receipt for Income Tax purposes. What is important  I learned on Sunday, is not whether I get credit for my good deeds, but whether my good deeds are going to the individuals who benefit the most from them.

How many of us walk by those less fortunate than we are and think “They should go to a Shelter.” or “Don’t they know there are programs in place for them?”  Why don’t we think “What can I do for that woman who is huddled by the wall?” “Is there some way I can help? Some little way?”

I have decided there is. I will carry socks in my purse from now on. and maybe an extra five dollar bill. Since I don’t know their story (and it doesn’t matter anyway) I really can’t judge them – I can only help them in any little way I can.

Look around you. They are there – they may not be huddled against the wall. They may be sitting on a bus bench or picking up a cigarette butt. They all have a story and they all need to know that maybe, just maybe somebody cares.

I’d like to be that person that touches one person’s life. Wouldn’t you?

Rock ‘n Roll! I was single and it was the 70’s. I loved Concerts and I loved Rock ‘n Roll! In those days I went to concerts and I bought albums, that’s what I did. The list of who I saw in Southern California would surprise you! I think I’ll make a list of everybody I’ve seen in concert and do a blog on just that, but that’s for later, right now I’m writing about my favorite performer of all times!

I had all of his albums and have seen almost every movie he has ever been in. I admire him for his voice, his intellect (Summa Cum Laude Graduate of Pomona College and a Rhodes Scholar) and his talent. He has written some great songs (Me and Bobby McGee, Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down, Help Me Make it Through the Night and For the Good Times) and when I had a chance to go to UCR and see him for the cost of a $5.00 ticket, I jumped at the chance! That’s less than the price of an album, and much more memorable!

KrisRita - Version 6

It was May 18, 1975 and the venue was the Football Field at UCR, the price of the ticket? $7 for the General Public, $5 for Students. I went with a student and she paid $5 each for the tickets. The sad part? It wasn’t even full! Heck, it wasn’t even close to full. 2500 in attendance. You read it right . . . TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED people! and less than two weeks later the exact same show was SOLD OUT in San Diego’s Civic Theater! What was wrong with Riverside? Was it the advertising? Was it the venue? Who knows, but to me it was a great show! I felt like it was a personal performance, just for me!

KrisRita - Version 4A

Besides Kris and Rita, Billy Swan gave one of his first performances of “I Can Help” at this event. Billy was Kris’s bass player at the time.


I was close enough to get these up close and personal shots of the couple. He’s always been beautiful in my book. I wanted to get on the stage and just hug him, but then I knew I wouldn’t get to see the rest of the concert from inside the venue. . . .


The crowd, obviously wasn’t as excited as I was. They came to watch, I was there to appreciate. According to the Riverside Press Enterprise report of the concert the next day, Kristofferson received a ” . . . politely indifferent response from basically a picnicking audience.” and the “ . . . audience that seemingly enjoyed a peaceful afternoon and one another’s company as well as the music.” The reporter was NOT a Kris Kristofferson fan! Earlier in the article he referred to Kris’s “monotone-like bass” and his “dirge-like singing.”


The woman in the picture was either dancing or scolding, almost 40 years later it is hard to remember, but I prefer to think dancing. The gentleman standing behind her is politely clapping and everybody else seems anxious to pick up and leave. The little kid probably wanted Kris to sing more and that’s why he’s upset!

It was a Sunday afternoon that I enjoyed and only wished it had gone on into the evening, but then again . . .

It was just a picnic event for a Riverside Sunday Afternoon!


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